We have the know-how ...

Paladin’s were the foremost champions of the royal courts during Charlemagne’s time and were selected from the highest caliber of warriors to be guardians for the courts and the people. They represented both in fact and in fiction the utmost echelon of integrity and safety.

Here at Paladin Bookkeeping Services we believe in this same commitment, protecting your greatest business investments with all our skill. We are here to guard these treasures so that you may take them forward doing what you do best … your business.

Your business is like no other ... with unique traits and needs ... our flexibility, resources and knowledge allow us to cater to your individuality, providing business services with required twists to match your own style.


From full charge to after the fact, we do deposits, A/P, A/R, preparation of accounts for CPA review. The sky is the limit and we work to address each individual business’s needs as they are all different.

Payroll Services

Whether you have one employee or two hundred, we are experienced with all the challenges involved in payroll. Our services include processing of payroll, payroll taxes, quarterly payroll reports and annual payroll reports.

CPA Partnership

Our years of work in the San Luis Obispo area have allowed us to develop many positive relationships with the local CPAs. This has allowed us to act as the “interpreter” between the language of CPAs and English

Consulting & More …

Extensive experience in business and working with a dynamic range of industry has provided us more than a decade of hard earned knowledge. Human resources, taxes, financing … the list goes on. Let us share this know-how.

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Your first hour consultation is free of charge. This allows us to truly determine how best we can assist. We do not believe any business can be placed in a cookie cutter for it’s needs.